The Rothsay Education Centre (REC) is a small self-funded charity. Our membership fees cover the running costs of the Centre, while our course fees pay for the costs of classes.

We rely on fundraising, donations, and legacies to sustain the REC and pay for its development in terms of equipment, renovations and improvements. These are all vital to ensure our members can continue to enjoy the learning, health and welfare benefits of the REC.

Donate today

You can make a donation through our website, or call the office on 01234 302203 and the Admin Team will be delighted to assist you.

You can also add a donation when you are joining the REC or booking a place on a course.

If you are a UK tax payer you could further increase this by agreeing to Gift Aid both your membership fee and your donation, at no extra cost to you.  The Centre can reclaim around £8.00 per membership fee from the Inland Revenue. Please contact us if you are happy for us to claim Gift Aid on your donations.