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W H Auden

Gary Day (Dr)

Course Title: W H Auden

Course Code: 1XWH05B19

Start Date: 24/02/2020

Day of the Week:
  • Monday

Session: Afternoon

Length in weeks: 5

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Price: £

Using Selected Shorter Poems (Faber) this five-week course will examine the nature of Auden’s poetry, its extensive range, stylistic variety, thoughtfulness and connection to his personal life. Auden’s aim, in his early work, was ‘to utter the thoughts of a wise man in the speech of the common people’ but he abandoned that somewhat lofty stance in later years, as an interest in first Freud and then Jung took him into a deeper understanding of Christianity, a faith he had swapped for Communism in his youth. A poet he said, ‘should hang around words listening to what they say’. And that is going to be our approach to the man whom Philip Larkin hailed as one of his mentors.

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