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Twentieth Century Childhoods

Margaret Badley

Course Title: Twentieth Century Childhoods

Course Code: 3XTC10A19

Start Date: 02/10/2019

Day of the Week:
  • Wednesday

Session: Morning

Length in weeks: 9

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Extra Information: Please note later start date

Price: £

Some influential twentieth century writers have seen modern childhood as being “in crisis” and talked in apocalyptic terms of the “disappearance of childhood”, even suggesting that “childhood is toxic” while many people look back to their childhoods as a “golden age”. But how far do these approaches stand up to scrutiny? After a brief glimpse of Tudor portraits of children and Victorian children working in factories, mines and workshops we will explore some of the many facets of British Childhood during the Twentieth century up to the present day. We will include an examination of concepts of childhood; theories of childrearing and “Tiny Tearaways”; organisations for children such as children’s homes, Scouts and Guides; state and private education and the child’s experience of school; children’s radio and TV; social media, children’s health and welfare; toys and games; boy’s and girl’s magazines; children and risk and children at war. We will be using pictures and paintings, diaries, film, video, oral history, illuminated manuscripts and literature.

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