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Secrets and Lives: The Enigmatic Story of Bletchley Park

Alan Marchant

Course Title: Secrets and Lives: The Enigmatic Story of Bletchley Park

Course Code: 4BP10A19

Start Date: 19/09/2019

Day of the Week:
  • Thursday

Session: Morning

Length in weeks: 10

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Price: £

Churchill called Bletchley Park ‘my most secret source’, and referred to its 10,000 workers as the ‘geese that laid the golden eggs but never cackled’. The BP codebreakers’ efforts shortened the war by at least two years, saving countless lives. We will follow the extraordinary story of how ‘Ultra’ intelligence was obtained from intercepting and deciphering thousands of enemy messages. Who were these codebreakers? Alan Turing gets the headlines but there were others who were just as important. How did the breaking of enemy cipher machines change key events in the war? On the 75th anniversary of D Day we will discover how disinformation from BP helped the Normandy Landings bring victory closer. We will also discover how the codebreakers worked, lived and spent their leisure time, and how Bedford played its own role in Bletchley Park’s secret world.

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