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Greek & Roman Cities in Turkey

Jenny Morris

Course Title: Greek & Roman Cities in Turkey

Course Code: 5XCT10C19

Start Date: 24/04/2020

Day of the Week:
  • Friday

Session: Afternoon

Length in weeks: 10

Time: 2.00 p.m. - 4:00pm

Price: £

Throughout antiquity Turkey was under the influence and/or control of Greeks and Romans. It is true that the Trojans won the Trojan War rather than the Greeks (or is the Trojan War entirely mythical anyway?); however, Byzantium (later Constantinople and now Istanbul) was a Greek city foundation, as were Ephesus and Pergamum (perhaps better known from the remains of the Roman era). Helen of Troy, Alexander the Great, and Paul of Tarsus are all associated with this area. Greek Ionia and Roman Asia Minor can be recovered from historical narratives, inscriptions, coins and other aspects of material culture. As well as the cities already mentioned, we shall explore the history and remains of Miletus, Antioch, Priene, Aspendos, Side, Zeugma, Aphrodisias and others. Our time span will range from the second millennium BCE (BC) to the 5th century CE (AD). There will be a strong visual dimension to this course, and many opportunities for discussion.

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