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Francis Bacon

Gary Day (Dr)

Course Title: Francis Bacon

Course Code: WFB25B19

Start Date: 25/01/2020

Day of the Week:
  • Saturday

Session: All Day

Length in weeks: 1

Time: 10:00am to 3.30pm

Extra Information: An extra £6 for non-members

Price: £

Just about everyone who has heard of modern art has heard of Bacon’s ‘Screaming Pope’. Based on Velasquez’s Pope Innocent X portrait, the painting is disturbing to say the least. It is a good example of how modern art has abandoned the traditional functions of painting, education, truth to nature, contemplation of beauty and so on, in order to shock and alarm its audience. Using Bacon as our example we will explore the reasons for this change as well as looking at how the artist’s personal life affected his art.

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