REC 200 Club

This is a monthly draw that raises funds for the REC as well as giving you the chance to win your money back!

Thank you to all our members who have joined the 200 Club this year.

This year 137 members joined the club so we have yet to reach the magic number of 200. We have raised £1644.00, half of which goes back to the REC. There will be ten monthly prizes of £34.25 for the first prize and £20.55 for the second prize. In addition there will be two grand draws in June and December, each with prizes of £137.00! Look out for the cheque in the post!

If you would like to take part in 2022’s 200 Club please print out and fill in a form and send it with a cheque for £12.00 made out to REC 200 Club (we do not take card payments for this).

Click here to find the REC 200 Club application form REC 200 Club application FORM 2022



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