While we all miss the social side of attending the REC there are positive aspects to attending a course via Zoom. There is now a high level of online security due to the use of waiting rooms and passwords and it is easy and free to install Zoom onto any laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone.  You can even use a traditional landline phone to join a course!

Take a look at the video below to see what’s been happening in our French classes!

Below are some comments from our members who have been attending Zoom classes this term:

“We would all love to be at the REC building, chatting with friends and fellow students, having a coffee or lunch at the café, but, for now, we can’t. So if you love your lessons, whether art or languages etc, enjoy having some structure while at home, then Zoom is excellent. For art,  Zoom is easy to use after a little practice and you can see others but not be seen yourself if you wish.  I am so glad that Zoom is being used to keep our interests alive. Do try it at least?”

“I had never done Zoom before but it’s really easy. I did register so I could use it for a family quiz but you don’t need to. You just type in the password number and that’s it. The only thing I miss is having a chat at coffee time – you can chat with others but it’s not as good as face to face!”

“I have done both Art and Italian via Zoom. I’m a fairly tall man so when attending Art lessons before this I would stand at the back so as not to block people’s view. The zoom sessions with a camera over David’s work are superb because you can see in real detail exactly what he is doing.  As a hearing impaired person I have found the language sessions useful too because I can adjust the volume and even use headphones to get every little nuance.”

“Like many, I was a little apprehensive of using an on-line forum mainly because of security. However, I have found Zoom easy to use and secure as David [the tutor] has control of who is allowed into each meeting.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Frank’s course and the way he handles it.  It has even enabled us students to socialise during the coffee break and I feel I have got to know some new people if only from a distance!”

“Just to say how much I am enjoying the ‘one off’  Zoom sessions! The ones I have joined so far have been interesting, and being with others, albeit in a virtual kind of way, has helped enormously to lessen the feeling of isolation. Thank you.”