History of the Suburban Garden: Dr Twigs Way

"England is a nation of gardeners and most of us garden in suburbia. A private paradise encompassed by privet, the suburban garden contains in its small compass the hopes and dreams of millions of gardeners past and present. But what is its history and what its fashions? With one foot in the country and one in the town suburban garden style waivers from rural retreat to urban chic, decorative to productive, floral to formal but at its heart defined by its location and its size. From Victorian shrubberies to the 1980s ‘Good Life’ this day school will reveal the ever-changing aspirations and realities as we peer over the privet hedge into the mass of ponds, rockeries, sundials, vegetable and flower beds beyond. Neglected by history, and sometimes in reality, this Saturday School will celebrate the gardens that make up the green patchwork of suburbia."

Tutor: Dr Twigs Way

"Dr Twigs Way is a professional garden historian and divides her time between research and consultancy, giving lectures, talks and writing books. Twigs came to garden history from a career in archaeology, having focussed on landscape archaeology during her PhD. Since 2004 she has worked closely with English Heritage and other public bodies undertaking research on parks and gardens. Twigs has appeared in numerous television programmes including Gardeners' World. "