Nordic Noir: Bente de Grey

"Why are the Scandinavian thriller writers so popular that the term Nordic Noir has become a genre? What makes this genre different from other crime fiction? We will concentrate on women crime writers as well as some lesser known writers, some ex police inspectors. We will discuss why these writers write such thrilling and explicitly violent novels. Is it the Scandinavian psyche, our dark dingy winter monthsor the legacy of playwright Strindberg and the painter Edward Munch? Do the female writers concentrate more on psychological terror than the sheer viloence? What drives these writers to create such dastardly dees in fiction? After all, the crime rate, particularly violent crimes, are rare in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Join us and find out!"

Tutor: Bente de Grey

"Bente de Grey is a local writer who has published both feature articles and fiction. Last year she completed a novel for young adults, which is currently being considered for publication. After a degree in librarianship from Oslo, Bente moved to Scotland where she worked as a research librarian. Following a career in librarioanship and editing Bentre returned to university (Luton) and obtained a frist class honours degree and an MA in Creative Writing. For the last 11 years she has led writing courses at the REC."