Music Appreciation: The Mature Person's Guide to the Orchestra: John Dawson

"A look at orchestral instruments family-by-family, and one-by-one. The Symphony orchestra is one of the most amazing phenomena in Western culture. Originating in the courts of Europe, in the eighteenth Century, it is now everywhere from concert halls to film studios. Its popularity has been given another boost by computer technology which allows anyone to have a full orchestra in their own house. Using a wider remit than Benjamin Britten and Eric Crozier, we will examine a little of the history and character of each instrument and hear examples of their uses in repertoire drawn from the whole gamut of Western Music from Haydn to Bernard Herrmann."

Tutor: John Dawson

"John Dawson has been a senior lecturer at Middlesex University; worked extensively in the professional theatre, playing for master classes and rehearsals for artistes such as Sir Anthony Dowell, and directed musical theatre from Mediaeval Mystery Plays in Canterbury Cathedral to pantomime at Buxton Opera House. He wrote the incidental music for Bedford Theatre Company's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. One of his three published stage works, The Inside Story, has received performances in Europe, New Zealand and the USA. "