Love, Sex, Death and God :Emily Ross

"What can we know about the nature of our capacity to love? In this 5 week Philosophy course we will examine the components of love and ask questions about what it means to love 'properly' (if that is possible). We will examine the nature of desire, the role illusion plays in love and infatuation, what selflessness means, whether one can come to a final conclusion about love, and what that might mean, and the roles that God and death play in our loving.

Tutor: Emily Ross

"Emily Ross has worked as a research assistant at Heythrop College, University of London, which is renowned for its focus on philosophy and religion.  She read BA Philosophy, Religion & Ethics in 2008-11 and then completed an MA in Contemporary ethics, both at Heythrop.  As well as this she is a freelance speaker and has given talks on Philosophy in many schools and colleges.  Emily is also an illustrator on Bedford’s Circus of Illustration and is often involved with local theatre.