EM Forster: Jenny Morris

Perhaps you watched the recent BBC adaptation of 'Howard's End', and would like to explore more of Forster's work. Forster is probably best known now from the films based on his novels: A Passage to India, and Howards End, especially. Lionel Trilling, writing in 1943, remarked: 'E. M. Forster is for me the only living novelist who can be read again and again and who, after each reading, gives me what few writers can give us after our first days of novel-reading, the sensation of having learned something.' These novels certainly repay close reading and re-reading; but so, do Forster’s essays, short stories, travel writing, plays and letters. As well as the novels, we shall consider Forster's other writings, and his life: a long, fulfilling and varied life, including adventures and encounters which may not be immediately evident from his more well-known fiction. Participants will not need any prior knowledge of Forster's life and work, but contributions will be most welcome and there will be plenty of scope for discussion. 


"Jenny Morris is an Associate Lecturer at the OU and also a schoolteacher, teaching Classics and Philosophy. She read these subjects at the University of Cambridge and undertook postgraduate research at University College London. She was Head of Classics at Bedford High School for Girls for twenty years and continues to teach in local schools. She started working as a tutor here at the REC in 2011 and enjoyed the company of its students immediately. "