Life Through a Lens: Caroline Bacon

"A short history of documentary film making from Man with a Movie Camera (1929) through to the British Documentary Film Movement (e.g. Fires were Started; A Diary for Timothy; Night Mail; London Nobody Knows; Every Day except Christmas; 7 Up), to the Modern Documentary (e.g. Buena Vista Social Club; An Inconvenient Truth; The Thin Blue Line; March of the Penguins, Food Inc; Iraq in Fragments)."

Tutor: Caroline Bacon

"Caroline Bacon has a degree in History of Design and Visual Arts. She has produced pop videos, worked in the costume department of the BBC, was a curator in the Indian department at the V&A specializing in modern painting, Curator of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, and was until 2017 the manager of the REC. She has written a number of books and articles on art and design history, and has lectured and tutored widely. "