Life & Death in Roman Britain : Paul Palmer

"What was it really like to live in Britain during the Roman period? There is now sufficient evidence available to allow us to make a reasonable attempt to better answer that question, than ever before. The course will investigate the range of evidence, to provide an up-to-date assessment of the lives – and deaths – of people at various levels of society, in the Romano-British culture of the period."

Tutor: Paul Palmer

"Paul Palmer (BA (Hons),Dip Eur Hum, AIFA rtrd) is an experienced professional archaeologist and historian. His fieldwork experience spans many decades and sites. He was the Chairman of North Hertfordshire Archaeological Society involved with multi-period research and was business partner in The Heritage Network, a professional unit undertaking archaeology for developers, for whom he still carries out fieldwork. He has tutored archaeological/historical courses for Cambridge University, WEA and independent centres, including, of course, the REC for many years. "