The Age of Reason - Britain 1700-1837: Liz Carter

"Using a wide variety of sources ranging from diaries and journals to tax records and parliamentary debates, we will examine key changes to government policy and society attitudes throughout the Hanoverian dynasty and the effect on everyday life. Topics to be covered will include food and entertainment, scandals and riots, prime ministers and their policies, wars won and lost, poverty and crime and, of course, philosophers and radicals – after all, this was the Age of Reason. "

Tutor: Liz Carter

"Liz Carter developed a passion for family history into a small research business, trading as Backtracks, back in the 1980s and then went on to lecture for the University of Cambridge and the WEA locally. She also works for Pharos Tutors, specialising in distance learning (internet classes) in local, social and family history. She has a keen interest in all things historical, especially the 18th and 19th centuries plus aspects of poverty. "