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Art, Architecture and Society in the 19th Century Part II: Madeline Edmead"

"The 19th century left a huge inheritance but we miss a great deal if we do not recognise the historical context in which works of art, architecture and many familiar artefacts were created, whether red brick Board Schools, gloomy prisons, paintings of family life, or even cemeteries.  In this course, we will explore different aspects of life in 19th century England through paintings, architecture and other visual evidence.  We will look at a variety of topics including childhood, seaside, visions of the classical world, and domestic taste in the period of William Morris."

Tutor: Madeline Edmead

"Madeline Edmead has a BA in History and the History of Art and a MA in the History of Architecture. She has taught for Birkbeck College, Cambridge University and the WEA. She specialises in 18thcentury England."