The Home Front in World War Two; The People’s War: Alan Marchant

"By the summer of 1940 Britain was staring invasion in the face. Life the Home Front would undergo radical changes until victory was secured four years later. We will understand the nature and extent of the many changes ordinary people in Britain experienced during this ‘total war’.To what extent did the Government take control of people’s lives? How did several waves of evacuations, the movement of people to new work places, the arrival of American soldiers, POWs and refugees from war-torn Europe all impact on society? Women of all ages joined various organisations both military and civilian and middle-aged men joined the Home Guard. The black economy thrived. The Home Front was a totally different Britain to what had come before and it would pave the way for what would come afterwards, when peace broke out in 1945.  "

Tutor: Alan Marchant

"Alan Marchant has taught history at secondary and University level in the UK, Canada and Australia as well as languages at the OU and the British Council in Spain. He has authored text books and led history tours to various countries in Europe including Russia. He is a visiting speaker for a variety of organisations and currently works in Bletchley Park where he gives guided tours to school and university groups."