The Stuarts: Deirdre Higgins

"The century from the death of Elizabeth 1 to the reign of William and Mary is one of the dramatic periods of British history as it includes regicide, civil war, the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell, the Restoration, the Plague, the Fire of London and the Anglo-Dutch Wars. We will look at the key themes which underlie the period – fear of absolutism and anti-Catholicism: the balance of power between Crown and Parliament: the growth in financial and political power of the Political Nation: the effects of war. You will learn about some fascinating characters in the political and cultural sphere – Pepys, Van Dyke, John Milton, Oliver Cromwell and Nell Gwynn."

Tutor: Deirdre Higgins

"Deidre Higgins has taught A level Government and Politics at Bedford Sixth Form for the past ten years and is an assistant examiner. She has an Honours degree in History and an MA from the University of Leicester. During a long teaching career, she has taught in a wide variety of schools, and has been able to hear speeches from many prominent politicians while attending Politics Conferences with her students."