Apocalypse Then! : Dr Stephen Rogers

"In the years following the Second World War, and with the Cold War at its height, many writers were preoccupied with ideas about the breakdown of society and the consequences of life following a nuclear conflict. Nobel-prize winning author William Golding in The Lord of the Flies (1954) and popular novelist Nevil Shute, who had worked as a senior engineer on the R100 airship at Cardington, in On the Beach (1957), wrote two of the most powerful post-war novels that dealt directly with these issues. In this course we will investigate their fictions and how they gave expression to an uncertain period in our recent history. "

Tutor: Dr Stephen Rogers

"Dr Stephen Rogers is a researcher and lecturer. He has held posts at the universities of Nottingham and Sussex, and was part of the team responsible for the Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines (2009-13). He has presented papers in Italy, France and the United States. His publications include writings on Ford Madox Ford, the history of the Poetry Bookshop (1912-35) and twentieth century literary periodicals, as well as selections from the poems of Harold Monro and William Collins. He is also a member of the REC Board of Directors. "