The 'Other Slave Trade': Slaves Going Eastwards: Frank Livesey

"The Transatlantic Trade in slaves (16th-19th centuries) is familiar to all of us. Less so the Trade north and east (Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean) towards Islamic societies, which passes almost without regard although it lasted far longer (7th-20th centuries), resulting in severe depopulation of parts of the continent. Islamic prescriptions about slavery offered some protection against the worst forms of abuse, and brought about an amelioration, but they were not universally observed; in the 19th century levels of brutality were shocking. We will look at the theory and practice of slavery in Islamic societies, the types of slavery (domestic, military, sexual, plantation), its effect on racial perceptions, the reluctance to abandon the trade, and the reasons for the collective amnesia about a 'crime against humanity'."

Tutor: Frank Livesey

"Frank Livesey worked in a College in Uganda for a while after reading History at Oxford, before returning to teach History at Bedford School. Subsequently he was Head of History at Downside School for 8 years. In Spain he was Deputy Head of an International College in Madrid. Later appointed a Lecturer in Church History at a Theological College in Sydney. Whilst there he completed an MA in Asian Studies at New South Wales University. The last years of his career were spent in International Schools in Hong Kong."