The Spanish Civil War and its Aftermath : Frank Livesey

"The past that will not pass', such is the war for many of the people of Spain; increasingly, over the last 25 years, Spain has been divided as to how to understand and memorialise the years 1936-39. The course will examine not just the war but also the Franco regime which followed. Among the questions to be answered: Was the outbreak inevitable? Why did the war become internationalized? Was it an antechamber of the Second World War?  Or the first modern war of Extermination (deliberate mass killing of civilians)?  Or a Culture War? What was the nature of the Franco regime? Why has the 'memory war' been so bitter?  Will the current mood of ultra- nationalism in Europe change perceptions of 1936-75?"

Tutor: Frank Livesey

"Frank Livesey worked in a College in Uganda for a while after reading History at Oxford, before returning to teach History at Bedford School. Subsequently he was Head of History at Downside School for 8 years. In Spain he was Deputy Head of an International College in Madrid. Later appointed a Lecturer in Church History at a Theological College in Sydney. Whilst there he completed an MA in Asian Studies at New South Wales University. The last years of his career were spent in International Schools in Hong Kong."