It’s A Moot Point : Dr Philip Brindle

"This course will look at five court cases from the last half century or so and allow students to debate what they think should have been the outcome from the point of view of the lay public. Although attention will be paid to the legalities of each case, points of law, earlier precedents etc. and the nature of the evidence, there will also be a role for what could be called the common sense of Everyman and Everywoman. There will, however, be some necessity for students to follow set reading between each class so they will be able to participate fully in every debate."

Tutor: Dr Philip Brindle

"Dr Philip Brindle (B.A. Ph.D. PGCE, FIFL) has taught for 40 years in universities, both in Britain and America, schools, sixth form and further education colleges, and in adult education. He has a doctorate in the history of 17thcentury Northamptonshire and has spent much of his time teaching history or law to students aged from 16 to 86. Latterly he has worked training tutors and teaching prospective adult teachers for the WEA and Luton Adult Community Learning, plus a range of history courses for the REC. "