Kindling Life Experiences : Jaswinder Challi

"This is embracing our journey in life and reminiscences of certain pages and chapters of our Book. We will grab a drink and share, explore, support and champion all of what comes up."


"Jaswinder Challi has been a therapist in the field of psychological therapies for over 25 years.  These include Counselling/Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy; as well as Energy work; Reiki; Crystal-Colour-Sound-Magnetic Healing. She has also been teaching now for 20 years in these areas and has been very active leading many groups and qualifying individuals.  Another area that is passionate to her is Retreats, both National and International; these are based around the areas of her work. Yoga is something that she was originally doing for her own benefit, due to an imbalance with her hips and legs.  She later began to introduce certain postures to her clients, to support their healing.  After her training in Bali in 2014, she began to teach more 1:1 sessions on specific issues.  This has also led her to do small group work teaching.  Another trip to Bali (summer 2017) to deepen further her practice to share with her clients.."