The Holy Grail : Dr Gary Day

"At the heart of Arthurian legend lies the compelling story of the Holy Grail. What was this strange and fascinating object? Why was the pursuit of it considered to be the ultimate quest? What powers did it have? This course will look at the nature of the grail and its place in pagan as well as Christian mythology in an attempt to understand it a little better. Can this mysterious object really be, as Fiona Mirylees claimed, the wooden chalice stolen from her home in 2014? Or is it, as Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln argued in the their book Holy Blood and Holy Grail, the bloodline of Christ and Mary Magdalene? Most likely neither. The power of the grail, as we shall see, lies in its symbolism."

Tutor: Dr Gary Day

"Gary Day was a principal lecturer in English at De Montfort. He gave the centenary lecture on F.R. Leavis at Cambridge and for many years was on the committee of the British Society of Eighteenth Century Studies. He is the author of five books, including one on Leavis, and his latest, The Story of Drama: Tragedy, Comedy and Sacrifice from the Greeks to the Present, was described in the Times Literary Supplement as ‘an ambitious book, richly informative, consistently readable and conscientiously argued’. He has edited various collections of essays on topics ranging from Victorian literature and culture to D H Lawrence. Gary was also for many years a columnist and reviewer for the Times Higher. His essay John Bunyan: Class and Englishness will be published in the The Oxford Handbook of John Bunyan next year."