Music Appreciation: Johann Sebastian Bach : John Dawson

"Bach’s reputation is unassailable: love him or hate him, he is universally regarded as the single most important begetter of Western Classical Music. His vast output has been pored over by scholars and performers, yet his public reputation rests on a relatively small portion of what he wrote. This exploration of Bach’s genius will look in detail at some of the great works; dig out some less well-known masterpieces; and look at the way Bach has influenced generations of musicians, from Mendelssohn to Jacques Loussier. Whether you love Bach already or are only familiar with a handful of his works, this course is designed to dust the cobwebs off the stuffy image of Bach as a staid composer of church music and reveal the polymath and genius within!"

Tutor: John Dawson

"John Dawson has been a senior lecturer at Middlesex University; worked extensively in the professional theatre, playing for master classes and rehearsals for artistes such as Sir Anthony Dowell, and directed musical theatre from Mediaeval Mystery Plays in Canterbury Cathedral to pantomime at Buxton Opera House. He wrote the incidental music for Bedford Theatre Company's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. One of his three published stage works, The Inside Story, has received performances in Europe, New Zealand and the USA. "