Strong-Minded Women: The Early Women’s Suffrage Movement: Liz Carter

"In this 10-week course, we will chart the progress of the fight for women’s rights from the end of the 18th century through to winning the vote in the early 20th century. Starting with Mary Wollstonecraft and her literary stand for women’s rights we will observe how women, despite being categorically denied the right to vote in 1832, worked to improve the status of women in the workplace and the home. Child custody rights, divorce rights, property and inheritance rights, the right to education and the right to social respect are all covered as we investigate the life, work and times of a variety of strong-minded women (and a few men) who influenced social and political change. We also take a look at events overseas and finish the course with a detailed look at some of the key Suffragette leaders and the final push to win the right to the parliamentary vote."

Tutor: Liz Carter

"Liz Carter developed a passion for family history into a small research business, back in the 1980s and then went on to lecture for the University of Cambridge and the WEA locally. She also works for Pharos Tutors, specialising in distance learning (internet classes) in local, social and family history. She has a keen interest in all things historical, especially the 18th and 19th centuries plus aspects of poverty. "