Flowers! From Medieval to Modern : Dr Twigs Way

"Fed up with landscaped parks and Capability Brown lakes? Wondering what happened to all the flowers? This course will seek out the floral and explore the wonderful world of flowering plants whether in beds, borders or vases! Taking a broad sweep of garden history we will look at what flowers arrived when, how we grew them, what impact glass housing had on garden fashion, what went wrong (or didnít) in the eighteenth century, and why on earth roses fell out of fashion (twice)! Deliberately turning our backs on the lawn we will encounter florists, flower arrangements, flower nurseries, flowering shrubs, flower art, the language of flowers, flowering textiles and the all-pervasive command to obliterate any glimpse of soil with a handy flowering annual. "

Tutor: Dr Twigs Way

Dr Twigs Way is a professional garden historian and divides her
time between research and consultancy, giving lectures, talks
and writing books. Twigs came to garden history from a career
in archaeology, having focussed on landscape archaeology
during her PhD. Since 2004 she has worked closely with English
Heritage and other public bodies undertaking research on parks
and gardens. Twigs has appeared in numerous television
programmes including Gardeners' World.