John Donne and George Herbert: Dr Gary Day

"These two poets loom large in the English tradition, one for his passionate intellect, the other for his elegance of phrase. Both thought deeply about some of the great questions of existence, love, death and religion. We will look at how these two very different poets approached these matters and what their work has to offer us today. Love's mysteries in souls do grow, /But yet the body is his book’ (Donne, ‘The Ecstasy’) ‘And now in age I bud again, / After so many deaths I live and write; / I once more smell the dew and rain, /And relish versing’ (Herbert, ‘The Flower’). If that doesn’t grab you, nothing will."

Tutor: Dr Gary Day

"Dr Gary Day was a principal lecturer in English at De Montfort University. He teaches courses on a wide range of subjects including poetry, philosophy, the history of drama, and cultural history. He has edited a number of books on topics ranging from popular culture to D. H. Lawrence. "