Prehistoric Cave Art of Europe: Dr Twigs Way

"From the first discovery of Altamira in 1870 to the digital creation of Lascaux IV in 2016, cave art has fascinated archaeologists, artists and the general public alike. Met with disbelief when originally presented as the work of prehistoric peoples, cave art revolutionised the perception of stone age life. But can we ever really know what it all means? Explore images from famous and lesser known caves and examine the history of their discovery and analysis in the company of a tutor who has visited many originals and worked on prehistoric sites in Europe. Please note later start date."

Tutor: Dr Twigs Way

"Dr Twigs Way is a professional garden historian and divides her time between research and consultancy, giving lectures, talks and writing books. Twigs came to garden history from a career in archaeology, having focussed on landscape archaeology during her PhD. Since 2004 she has worked closely with English Heritage and other public bodies undertaking research on parks and gardens. Twigs has appeared in numerous television programmes including Gardeners' World. "