Understanding Maps: Alice Gadney

"Get to know in depth all about the map in this 10-week course! Starting with Understanding maps and getting to know how to read a map. A practical outdoor activity to cement the skills! Then on to the history of mapping – from the cave to the satellite and how Bedford has been influenced. See how maps impact our world today through Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths! We will have a look at ‘Maps in the news’ and ‘maps on our plates’ and will ask you to bring in cuttings from press and food wrappings! The course finishes on a creative note with getting creative and exploring your newfound knowledge! It is for anyone interested in maps or people who want to know more about maps! "

Tutor: Alice Gadney

"Alice Gadney is a Cartographer and Geologist, with nearly 20 years’ experience with mapping all sorts of different subjects in different places to different people! From Impact craters in Mexico to Oil & Gas in Mozambique, Geological Mapping in Spain and Pirates in Bedford! From 3 year olds to 98 year olds – we all have a fascination with maps (even if we don’t understand them or can’t read them)."