The Nazi State: History’s most radical and destructive regime: Alan Marchant

"The Nazis are the most written about political party in history. Hitler is often seen as the leader of an efficient, well-oiled machine which lived up to its own propaganda of being efficient, organised and monolithic. Yet the seeds of Nazi destruction lay in its internal divisions, its lack of order and its incoherence. This course focuses on power and control in the Nazi state up to the start of World War Two. From where did the party derive its ideas? How did Hitler become legally elected in to power in a modern industrial country? How did the Nazi Party then establish control, in various stages, during the 1930s, and become such a radical and powerful organisation which would invade and control most of Europe by 1940? "

Tutor: Alan Marchant

"Alan Marchant has taught history at secondary and University level in the UK, Canada and Australia as well as languages at the OU and the British Council in Spain. He has authored text books and led history tours to various countries in Europe including Russia. He is a visiting speaker for a variety of organisations and currently works in Bletchley Park where he gives guided tours to school and university groups."