Researching the History of your House: Vicki Manners

"No two buildings are the same - they are as individual as you and me - and often have fascinating stories to tell. Researching the history of your house can reveal your building’s unique past, including information on when it was built, by whom, and who owned the land beforehand.  In many instances research will uncover the original architectural drawings, together with old pictures or illustrations throughout the years. Houses also have a social history, and research can reveal who lived in your property and when, what they did for a living and can sometimes reveal very personal stories about the occupants and how they lived their lives. Join this course to find out how you can research the history of your house and/or other houses that are of interest to you. One of the case studies we will use this year will include the house history of no. 6 Rothsay Gardens!"

Tutor: Vicki Manners

"Vicki Manners’ passion for genealogy and local history started about 20 years ago and led her to undertake a complete career change, whereby she is now a local genealogist, archivist, historian and conservator. She runs her own consultancy service specialising in genealogy, family and house history research in Bedfordshire, as well lecturing for the Open University and working part-time for the Panacea Trust and Museum as their Archivist and Conservator. Vicki has an excellent working knowledge of local historic records as she previously worked at Bedfordshire Archives as the County Archives Conservator."