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An Age of Revolution, 1789-1840: Dr Barry Dackombe"

"The decades following the French Revolution (1789) to the early 1840s have been described as an ‘Age of Revolution,’ due to the dual impacts of political turmoil in Europe and the effects of the ‘Industrial Revolution’ here in Britain. Together these had profound effects on the way people lived, worked and viewed authority. This course will take a thematic approach to examine the social, political and economic changes that occurred in Britain during this turbulent period. This forms the first part of the history of the long nineteenth century (1789-1914), the era in which modern Britain took shape."

Tutor: Dr Barry Dackombe

"Dr Barry Dackombe is an Associate Lecturer at the OU, where he has been teaching history courses since 2007. Specialising in modern history, Barry has taught courses on the long nineteenth century, war & social change and imperialism & empire. He has a strong interest in the Society of Friends and those who dissent from “perceived wisdom” in relation to international relations."