Andalusia: The Triumph of Myth over History: Frank Livesey

"Andalusia is arguably the most mythified region of Europe. Take your pick: an oasis of inter-faith cohabitation (8th to 12th centuries); an extension of the exotic Orient into Europe (Granada); the birthplace of the Spanish Inquisitional cruelty (expulsion of the Jews and the 'Moors'); colourful Romance (Carmen, gypsies, flamenco, bulls); a paradise for hedonism (Costa del Sol). What truth, if any, underpins these myths? How and when did they originate? Who promoted them, and why?  What purposes do they serve today? How do they influence contemporary reality?"

Tutor: Frank Livesey

"Frank Livesey worked in a College in Uganda for a while after reading History at Oxford, before returning to teach History at Bedford School. Subsequently he was Head of History at Downside School for 8 years. In Spain he was Deputy Head of an International College in Madrid AND Later appointed a Lecturer in Church History at a Theological College in Sydney. Whilst there he completed an MA in Asian Studies at New South Wales University. The last years of his career were spent in International Schools in Hong Kong."