The Physics of Materials: Dennis Waugh

"We will start by establishing how to measure and describe basic materials properties – mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical. We will then look at some typical groups of materials: ceramics, polymers, metals and composites. Once we have identified what the properties are, we will investigate how the microscopic structure of each material group determines its physical properties. The course will then focus on several case studies: cars, buildings, aircraft etc. to illustrate how new materials have changed how we live and work. This will be an opportunity for the group to select the materials they wish to study – and hopefully contribute some of their own ideas, and will conclude with a brief look at ‘designer materials’ – materials that have been ‘engineered’ to fulfil a specific function.There will be some opportunities for simple practical work, and will be accessible online."

Tutor: Dennis Waugh

"Dennis Waugh obtained his BSc Hons. in Applied Physics and Electronics from Durham University and taught in a comprehensive school in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He joined the Bedford School Physics Department in 1983 and taught GCSE, A-level and IB physics as well as GCSE and A-level Electronics,Dennis retired from teaching in 2012, after which he worked for the Institute of Physics in their Stimulating Physics Project."