Exo Planets: Dr Mark Chamberlain

"Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars, i.e. not our own Sun. About 4,000 exoplanets have been confirmed (6th March 2019). Exoplanets can be detected using several methods – the advantages and disadvantages of the methods will be explored. Many of the known exoplanets are unlike the planets in our solar system – the reasons for this will be discussed. As we learn more it is becoming clear that planet formation is not unusual. On the contrary, the way stars are thought to form makes the probability of planet formation quite likely – the reasons for this will be addressed. Finally the question of life elsewhere in our galaxy will be discussed."

Tutor: Dr Mark Chamberlain

Dr Mark Chamberlain obtained his degree in Microbiology and has a PhD on Herpes simplex virus. He joined Unilever in 1981 and became Head of Toxicology in 1998. He also led a team studying the psychology of decision making under uncertainty and developed techniques for novel risk assessment based on decision analysis methods. Mark recently gained a Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science with the OU. He is currently Chair of the Board at The REC.