The Defensive Jihad; Resisting Colonialism in the Name of Allah: Frank Livesey

"In the course of the 19th c. colonial expansion of the European powers, numerous incursions were made into regions traditionally under Muslim rule. The colonised took exception to these acts of dispossession and invoking the religious duty of resistance to hostile intruders into Muslim space, often took up arms. From Senegal in the west to Indonesia in the east resistance was met with, although our historical memory recalls only that of the Mahdi in the Sudan, and that very imperfectly.  Not only the sword served as a weapon of resistance, the pen could be wielded, writing back as well as fighting back. We will look at a selection of these movements, their fate, their legacy and place in the collective memory of those involved."

Tutor: Frank Livesey

"Frank Livesey worked in a College in Uganda for a while after reading History at Oxford, before returning to teach History at Bedford School. Subsequently he was Head of History at Downside School for 8 years. In Spain he was Deputy Head of an International College in Madrid AND Later appointed a Lecturer in Church History at a Theological College in Sydney. Whilst there he completed an MA in Asian Studies at New South Wales University. The last years of his career were spent in International Schools in Hong Kong."