The Story of Flight: John Day

Each week we will cover a different topic starting with The dawn of the flying machine followed by 1914 -1919 The influence of WW1; 1919-1931 Racing to Victory (Schneider Trophy Seaplanes); 1935-1945 WW2 Advances in Flying machines; 1945 -2020 The Jet age and civil aviation and finishing with The future of flight

Tutor: John Day

"John Day has an honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has spent 40 years in Industry. After training at Hawker Aircraft, Kingston upon Thanes he worked from 1968 as a Project Supervisor at The Aircraft Research Association in Bedford followed by a period as general manager of an hydraulics company in the 1980s before returning to the Aircraft Research Association in 1988 as head of Engineering. He has a life-long interest in Automobiles especially MG Cars, restores cars as a hobby and is currently the President of the MG Car Club. He is passionate about bringing the excitement of a career in engineering to a wider audience."