Freedom:A Philosophical Approach: Jenny Morris

"In this course we take a philosophical approach to freedom in various contexts in society. We shall read and discuss John Stuart Mill's classic essay 'On liberty', and consider issues arising from it, including its ongoing relevance to many of the debates of the present. Other philosophers' ideas and arguments on liberty and restrictions upon it will also be introduced and debated. It would be helpful to have a copy of Mill's essay to hand: it is widely available both free online and in numerous print editions. No previous experience of academic Philosophy is expected, but participants should expect texts and topics to be challenging (in a good way!)"

Tutor: Jenny Morris

"Jenny Morris is an Associate Lecturer at the OU and also a schoolteacher, teaching Classics and Philosophy. She read these subjects at the University of Cambridge and undertook postgraduate research at University College London. She was Head of Classics at Bedford High School for Girls for twenty years and continues to teach in local schools. She started working as a tutor here at the REC in 2011 and enjoyed the company of its students immediately. "