Mixed Media Drawing and Design Development for Textile Design and Other Art Forms.  : Lisa Tilley

"Explore design processes by learning how to experiment with various materials & techniques to draw and develop design ideas. Aimed at getting over the dreaded white page and loosening up one’s drawing skills, this is an experimental workshop whereby a varied range of materials and techniques are used. Learners will be able to use processes such as batik, mono printing and embroidery in order to draw and design in a very unique way. It is essential that learners bring objects and photographs/pictures from books and magazines to gain inspiration from and are encouraged to bring any everyday materials that can reflect their inspiration. This could be anything from old fabrics, kitchen foil, coloured & patterned papers, plastics, beads etc. It could be anything and everything that interests and inspires you. Suitable for all abilities. Materials included. Max 10 students"

Tutor: Lisa Tilley

"Lisa Tilley completed a BA Hons in Textile Design at The Nottingham Trent School of Art & Design, after studying locally. She is trained a weaver, but also skilled in many other techniques and is a Bedfordshire Bobbin Lacemaker with the Aragon Lacemakers. Lisa is mainly known however for her business ‘u old bag!’ in which she produces one of a kind bags and accessories, by hand from reclaimed materials. She has exhibited and sold her works within prestigious institutions, such as The Crafts Council, The National Centre of Craft and Design and Paul Smith Stores and is critically acclaimed being featured in national and international press such as The Times, The Guardian and Vogue. Lisa also lectures Art and Textiles at various UK based Colleges, Schools, Museums and institutions. "