Introduction to Bridge: Sian Harrison

"This 4 session taster course will introduce you to the greatest of card games which is played all over the world, by over 300,000 players in the UK and by many people of all ages in Bedford. It is designed for those who have never played bridge before (though it may be helpful if you have enjoyed playing other card games). We will start with learning about suits and tricks and partners and dummy and progress to bidding using the Standard English or Acol system. We will learn practically by having fun playing the cards with support and guidance. The rate at which we progress will depend on you and how comfortable you all are at each stage. If there are any members of the course who have joined because they have had a little experience of bridge but feel they would like to refresh their knowledge then I hope they will be happy to start from the beginning – they will be most welcome. At the end of the four sessions you should be confident and hopefully enthusiastic in playing a sociable game of bridge. You may have met others with whom you would like to continue more here at the REC."

Tutor: Sian Harrison

"Sian Harrison studied in Wales and at Cambridge and worked in IT and education. She has enjoyed being a student at the REC for at least 10 years and last year was proud to take on the role of bridge tutor. Sian believes that bridge should be a sociable and enjoyable game and teaches informally, learning through playing and building on skills. Having herself learnt the game later in life she understands that repetition is sometimes needed! Over the last 10 years she has taught bridge in schools, for the U3A and in pubs. She plays at a couple of clubs - and sometimes even wins!"