Music Appreciation: The Beat Goes On….. : John Dawson

"Music is nothing without rhythm. From the simplest folk song to the most intricate computer-generated score, all music has one thing in common: it moulds time and affects how we experience its passage. Yet how many of us have stopped to think how it works? How do composers as different as Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Gershwin achieve the amazing rhythmic effects they do? We will explore many aspects of rhythm, looking at the basic rules that have grown up over the last few hundred years, and the way individual composers have developed their own habits, which become essential to the character of their music. "

Tutor: John Dawson

"John Dawson has been a senior lecturer at Middlesex University; worked extensively in the professional theatre, playing for master classes and rehearsals for artistes such as Sir Anthony Dowell, and directed musical theatre from Mediaeval Mystery Plays in Canterbury Cathedral to pantomime at Buxton Opera House. He wrote the incidental music for Bedford Theatre Company's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. One of his three published stage works, The Inside Story, has received performances in Europe, New Zealand and the USA. "