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This course will present a series of new talks on criminology to make sense of the diverse and often complex issues around crime and criminal behaviour.



Crime, Punishment and Justice

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Rothsay Education Centre

Welcome to studying Criminology. We hope you enjoy the topics we have chosen for you to study.

The aim of the next 8 weeks is for you to gain an in-depth understanding of crime, punishment and justice. The course will begin with a critical examination of the main justifications of punishment. These will include the reductivist justifications and retributionist, denunciatory and reparative justifications. Recent syntheses and developments of these justifications will also be examined. Capital punishment is seen by many to be an effective deterrent. We will examine research into this question and the history of capital punishment.
An examination of the topic of miscarriages of justice will take place with attention to how the concept has been used? What examples can we note over time and in different societies?  Why do they occur and have recent developments such as control orders and secret trials increased their likelihood?
Contemporary concern about the abuse of human rights in the wake of torture practices established in the wake of 9/11. What involvement has our own Government had, what is torture, its history, who are its perpetrators and what does human rights legislation say about it and what are human rights? We will introduce answers to some of these questions.
Changes in how we seek to deal with and punish certain offence categories will be considered, prostitution, pornography and paedophilia will be the main focus.
Starting October 2017 for 8 weeks (with one week break for half term) 2-4pm

    • The Justifications of Punishment –  Alison Tresidder
    • A History of Prison Reform - Dr Gary Manders
    • Retributivism –  Alison Tresidder
    • Restorative Justice – Dr Gary Manders
    • Is the Death Penalty every Justified? – Dr Gary Manders
    • Miscarriages of Justice - Alison Tresidder
    • Torture: is there a justification for using it?– Dr Gary Manders
    •  Changes in punishment and policy for certain crimes; prostitution, paedophilia and pornography – Alison Tresidder