Roman and Medieval Gardens: Dr Twigs Way

"An opportunity to delve into the more ancient history of the garden. Commencing with the classical gardens of Italy we will explore the duality behind the Roman garden, with formal courtyards, statues, and still pools, contrasted with wild vines, trailing jasmines and bird song in the celebrated ‘Re Rustica’ or Roman Good Life. Philosophy and religion help us understand the Roman’s attitudes towards the garden as we explore examples from Pompeii, Oplontis and even Britain! Plants take us on a journey through Europe as the army marched complete with herbal medicines introducing grapes and ground elder as they conquer. Medieval Europe (and England) takes us into monastery and nunnery gardens replete with orchards and sweet scents, for pleasure and physic: and onto the astounding park of Hesdin, culminating in the Primavera of Botticelli. Art, archaeology, religion and gardens! "

Tutor: Dr Twigs Way

"Dr Twigs Way is a professional garden historian and divides her time between research and consultancy, giving lectures, talks and writing books. Twigs came to garden history from a career in archaeology, having focussed on landscape archaeology during her PhD. Since 2004 she has worked closely with English Heritage and other public bodies undertaking research on parks and gardens. Twigs has appeared in numerous television programmes including Gardeners' World. "