Literature’s Ideas to Live By: Adrian Page

"The novelist Sally Vickers, who is also a psychoanalyst, maintains that literature is the best therapy for people who struggle to understand and endure emotional turmoil. This course will use ideas from various therapeutic approaches to explore how we can acquire methods of reading which lead to bibliotherapy. The field of literary works as aids for healing the mind and understanding ourselves is fast-growing. By using ideas from Ancient philosophy, Buddhism and Psychoanalysis, reading can become not only more joyful but also provide lasting wisdom which we cherish. The course will consider the following books: The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness and Joy edited by John Brehm (2017); Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories, D H Lawrence (1990); Villette, Charlotte Bronte (1853); Howard’s End, E.M.Forster (1910); Siddhartha,Herman Hesse (1951); The Other Side of You, Sally Vickers (2006)."

Tutor: Adrian Page

"Dr Adrian Page was awarded his PhD in English in 1981 and has subsequently worked as a Senior Lecturer at Bedford College, University of Luton and London Metropolitan University where he was Associate Dean in Humanities, Arts and languages from 2006-12. He lectures and publishes on a wide variety of subjects including film, literature and drama."