Five Great British Novels: Adrian Page

"Selecting five great reads from recent British Literature is a difficult choice, so these novels dwell on various kinds of reflections. These are opportunities for writers to look back at major personal episodes and consider their impact. In a wider sense, the choices also reflect personal development in historical periods and fundamental aspects of human nature. Themes range from guilt and redemption, unrequited love and the sixties to our present-day concerns with gender. Remains of the Day, Babel Tower, Atonement, Mantrapped and Sense of an Ending."

Tutor: Adrian Page

"Dr Adrian Page was awarded his PhD in English in 1981 and has subsequently worked as a Senior Lecturer at Bedford College, the University of Luton, and the London Metropolitan University, where he was Associate Dean in Humanities, Arts and Languages from 2006-12. He lectures and publishes on a wide variety of subjects including literature, film and drama. "