The Enchanted Garden: Gardens in the Arts & Crafts and Bloomsbury Movements: Dr Twigs Way

"William Morris, the designer and Pre-Raphaelite artist, was very clear about what a garden ought to be. Whether large or small, it ‘should be orderly and rich. ‘It should by no means imitate either the wilfulness or the wildness of nature, but should look like a thing never to be seen except near the house’. Indeed for both the Arts and Crafts and the Bloomsbury movements the garden was part of the house, and an inherent part of the design and decoration and a way of life. From wallpaper to wall roses we explore this rich space."

Tutor: Dr Twigs Way

"Dr Twigs Way is a professional garden historian and divides her time between research and consultancy, giving lectures, talks and writing books. Twigs came to garden history from a career in archaeology, having focussed on landscape archaeology during her PhD. Since 2004 she has worked closely with English Heritage and other public bodies undertaking research on parks and gardens. Twigs has appeared in numerous television programmes including Gardeners' World. "