4XBL06A17 "

Bedfordshire: Geology, Landscape and Scenery : Brian Kerr and Bev Fowlston"

"This new course is built around a more detailed set of presentations and discussions which would explore the present-day landscape and countryside of Bedfordshire from the viewpoint of the fundamental physical elements in the shaping of the countryside, beginning with the specific geology of four distinctive areas within the County. The thrust of the course would be to introduce the links between the physical environment and the history of human influence on the landscape and scenery we view today. This course would therefore offer one or possibly two outdoor trips within Bedfordshire. The aim is to offer a course which is both non-technical and interactive allowing participants to discuss favourite parts of the countryside.This course will appeal to ramblers and more casual walkers, those involved in nature conservation, geographers, geologists and those interested in farming, or simply to anyone who wishes to understand and enjoy the Bedfordshire countryside. It is hoped to develop a link to the Rothsay Ramblers group by offering to lead a few of their weekly walks in areas of countryside which are good examples of features mentioned in the teaching. "

Tutor: Brian Kerr and Bev Fowlston

"Brian Kerr lives in Ampthill and is presently a Visiting Fellow at the Cranfield University. He is an experienced soil surveyor with knowledge of soils and landscapes throughout the UK. He is the author of a recent book, An Unassuming County: the Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside, which was published as a second edition in November 2015. Bev Fowlston has lived in Bedfordshire all her life and has a MA in Earth Sciences with a special interest in the Woburn Sands Formation that underlies the Greensand Ridge. For many years she has worked with the Bedfordshire Geology Group, which aims to encourage an understanding of the geology in Bedfordshire."