How to Stencil Like a Street Artist : Paul Nicholson

"In this 10-week course, students will learn about the development of stencils in street art, starting with Blek le Rat and Jef Aerosol to modern day masters of the artform such as Banksy and C215. Participants will also learn how to cut and spray stencils onto paper or canvas and create Banksy-style images from their own photographs or other designs."

Tutor: Paul Nicholson

"Paul Nicholson has a degree in Fine Art and a wealth of teaching experience in schools and other settings. He has worked on many community arts projects in Bedford over the years, producing more than a dozen public murals. He is a keen photographer and has been documenting the world of graffiti since 1984, becoming an expert on street art in the last ten years. Paul has led a number of popular street art tours of east London and his most recent mural involved a number of students from Daubeney Academy adding their stencilled portraits to the wall of the art room along with Banksy-style slogans. He visits London on a weekly basis to catch up with the latest murals and has met most of the well known street artists whose work adorns the walls of the east end."